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How It Works

Getting Started

As you complete our simple registration, the important thing to do is complete your profile with your cell phone number (or the primary phone you will be recording from). Yodio uses your phone number to recognize you and get your recording to the right account. The next step is to create something. Begin thinking about an interesting topic, recent trip, or business idea to record. Or, grab a photo and tell its story!

Make Your First Yodio

When you're ready...just phone 1-877-MY-YODIO (699-6346) and follow the prompts to make your recording. Just take a short minute to record your commentary. Then, return to your new account at to retrieve your recording. Since you are just getting started, click on the produce tab. For the initial experience select our YodioCard which is a short greeting card style – one minute and one photo. Just follow the onscreen directions to pair your recording with your photo. And you have the options for a number of ways to share your story with a photo – you can post it to Yodio marketplace, publish it to the Web, embed a link in your blog, or email it to your friends for fun! You’ll discover it’s pretty easy.

Make more Yodios for fun

It’s easy to create bigger productions with longer messages. You can create more interesting stories that become narrated photo albums (YodioTour), or you may want to explore how easy it is to convert your powerpoint slides into a presentation package that includes your voice recordings that can be easily shared with others. You’ll find a number of ways that you can use Yodio by clicking on the Learn More tab on the opening page. In fact, on the opening page you can experience a variety of ways that people are using Yodio to inform, entertain, and share.

Become a Pro

Once you've made a few Yodios, you might be ready to create a YodioCast or YodioTour to offer for sale...and make some $$$. Both YodioCast and YodioTour offer you unlimited time and easy mashing with digital photos, and you will have the option to price for sale. Pricing for sale makes the assumption that your content represents good value. With this approach Yodio helps makes your self-publishing worthwhile by collecting and sharing the sale proceeds, and you will likely boost your personal recognition as a member of the Yodio author community.

Top 10 Questions

1. What does Yodio mean?
Yodio is an example of a morpheme-juncture word made from the two words your + audio. We created Yodio to be a user-generated content community, similiar to YouTube(R), with useful tools and features of an application like Blogger(R) or Flickr(R), integrated with a transaction engine like eBay...all for making audio publishing simple.
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2. Why do I need to register a phone number?
Yodio uses a phone number as a unique identifier of your membership. Therefore, when you phone into Yodio, we identify who you are so we can correctly store your audio recording in the proper repositiory. Based on the Yodio privacy statement, Yodio will not sell or distribute any personal identifiable information (PII) from it's members.
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3. How much does basic membership cost?
Basic membership is FREE. Members can begin recording immediately upon registering their phone number and creating and publishing yodiocards. If you choose to upgrade to a higher percentage payout for your royalties, you can upgrade your author account to a monthly fee of either $6.99 for 50% royalties or $34.99 for 70% royalties.
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4. What can I use yodio for?
There are a lot of great uses and features Yodio has to offer. You can use Yodio to record the stories behind the photos that you take and send to family. You can create short advertisements for businesses and embed them into Web sites. You can also create more elaborate pieces such as a full vacation photo album with your narration. You can create a restaurant tour; a jogging tour; a museum walk; a garden tour; a multi-step process such as refinishing a boat with pictures for each step. Finally, Yodio can be your "on the go" recording system for anytime you think of a great idea (or when you are driving), and you want to post the idea.
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5. How long does a yodio need to be?
A Yodio can be from just a few seconds to several minutes long, depending on the topic and content. Some Yodios might intend to be funny, while other ones take some preparation. Therefore, it's important to briefly script out your Yodio recording so you prepare the points you want to get a across in the Yodio.
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6. Can I upload prerecorded audio into Yodio?
Yes, Yodio supports manually uploading pre-recorded audio in MP3 format. In the future, we plan to support WAV, but for now MP3 is the only format supported.
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7. What’s the difference between yodioCards, yodioCasts, and yodioTours?
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8. How many Yodio’s can I create?
There is no limit to how many Yodio's someone can create. There is only a limit to the amount of storage space in which we allocate per user.
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9. How do I make money?
Once you begin creating yodiocasts and yodiotours, you are eligible to begin making cash proceeds. For every yodiocast or yodiotour that you download, Yodio will reward you with a 20% royalty based on the price you put on the yodio. For example, if you post a yodiocast for $1 and you sell 10 of them, you are entitled $2 royalty. The more Yodios that are purchased, the percentaged increases. Yodio will make a PayPal payment to you when your account reaches $50.
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10. How does Yodio prevent inappropriate content and audio abuse?
Yodio takes inappropriate content very seriously. You can read more in the Terms and Conditions. We also monitor every post that has been made to the marketplace. We listen to both the audio and review the digital image.
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