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Yodio is a great place for most anyone
to create their own personal broadcast messages.

But first, let us share the story behind the name. We progressed through a series of names as we searched for a name that captured the feel and uniqueness of our idea. And dare we say it, some of the names were fairly lame.

The inspiration came about as we looked for word combinations that targeted the core of our vision. Our name, YODIO, is a portmanteur – a fancy way of saying it takes the parts of two meaningful words to make a new word that suggests something. In this case we took the YO from “Your” and the DIO from “audio” to create YODIO. This new word has the sense of “Your Audio” and it suggests something auditory as a creation.


The story behind the name speaks well of Yodio. Audio recording, production and distribution are the core of the Yodio services. We began by creating a free and easy recording service where any non-professional can use the microphone on a cell phone to make one or more audio recordings. So at the most basic level – Yodio is an everyman’s system for creating podcasts.

  • Free to Record

  • Free to Produce

  • Free to Publish

But the evolution of Yodio has resulted in it being more than audio in today’s form. And we are more than a plain old podcast. We’ve gone beyond the audio-only stage, by creating a new form of rich media where anyone can synchronize their voice commentaries with digital photos to create easily shared, voice-narrated, photo presentations. Yodio is now sight and sound combined into a unique form of broadcasting. This new form of rich-media broadcasting supports voice-narrated photo presentations that can be easily shared throughout the internet.

Today, Yodio offers an integrated, one-stop digital publishing service where anyone can go to self-record, produce, and share audio recordings (podcasts) and personal broadcasts (audio synchronized with digital photos).

Using Yodio’s free production system, most anyone can combine digital photos with their recorded audio to create rich media presentations. What is a rich-media presentation? Think voice narrated power point presentations or photo albums. Now think of them being shared in a player similar to YouTube, so they can be streamed throughout the internet or the player can be embedded in other websites, blogs, etc. This is personal broadcast with the sharing part operating on steroids! You can link, e-mail, embed, and in many cases download as an MP3 file. It’s made to share memories and photos that are made more interesting and informative by adding your own voice.

Yodio Mission: To support personal production and broadcasting of digital audio/photo content using the least amount of the earth’s resources.

Mt Rushmore
The Yodio Story: Everyone tends to ask, “Where did the idea for Yodio come from?” The answer is that the original vision of Yodio was the result of a father and daughter driving from Seattle back to college at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. Based on all their extensive prior travels around the world together, the two found the drive to be less than stimulating. As a result they drew on previous travel experiences to design a way to make the same long drive more interesting and educational for others traveling the same route.

Recalling their use of guides, private guides, and guidebooks, the two concluded that the solution was to harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of local experts. Thus, the key to unlocking this information was to create a system that any local expert could easily use to create audio guides. Their solution needed to be efficient, easy, and simple for users located most anywhere. The results of this idea that was germinating while driving from the West Coast to Marquette University was the initial idea for an internet-based service for recording, production, and distribution of these localized audio guides. And the advances of iPods and MP3 players suggested that the audio guides could be used to empower each individual to use their personal MP3 device to soak up the information about their individual area of interest while riding down the road.

Of course this seminal idea for Yodio depended on creating a production system that most anyone could use from most anywhere. Thus, today users of Yodio can call from a cell phone to record. And their idea also depended on being able to distribute the finished audio guides in an affordable and efficient way that would make it possible to price the audio guides nominally or even for free.

A few years later and much development under the bridge, Yodio now offers many of the originally envisioned features as well as more. In fact the original idea has been the inspiration for a whole new form of personal broadcasting. Some of the key elements offered today are:

  • Easy production of synchronized audio and photos
  • Easy editing and updating of these rich media audio guides
  • Accessible from most anywhere via the internet
  • Ability for the authors to share freely or price for sale
  • Selected podcasts can be downloaded and played on portable devices like MP3 players
  • Users can rate the content to help others select more knowingly and to help the authors to revise and refresh their content
  • Authors can tag their productions with GPS coordinates to assist users with locating the productions relevant to their travels
  • Thanks to the many advances in the internet and digital devices, users of Yodio can share voice-narrated, photo presentations to the home, in the office, out-and-about, and on-the-road

Camera Plus Phone Equals Yodio

And best of all, it is easy. You can call on a phone to record (of course you can always home-brew a recording and upload it). Once you have completed the recording, you can go to your Yodio account to upload a photo. (Or upload a photo first, and then record, whatever works for you). In your account you can drag and drop the audio track(s) and the photo(s) to create your own rich-media broadcast. Then publish it with helpful information and tags, and share it via e-mail, links, embedded player, etc.
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